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We are your one-stop-shop for Beautiful and Affordable African Designs, Accessories, and Art Work. We specialize in using Ankara materials (African fabrics) to design different types of beautiful Ready to Wear styles, Accessories, and Crafts. We offer a wide range of African products hand-made with Quality fabric from Nigeria, West Africa! Discover Unique African Designs! Ankara Hand fan, Wallet, Bracelet, Cross bags, Two tied head wraps, Sleep cap, Bathroom bags, Lunch bags, Coaster sets, Mid-size handbag, slides, Costume Necklace, Earrings, Ankara runner, Table mats, and more…

Latest Products

Ready-to-wear Ankara patched T-shirts for Kings, Queens, Princes, and Princesses


African Unisex Dansiki Shirts made from colorful, African-inspired cotton prints and fabrics 


African Fabric two tied headwrap made with Quality Ankara (Cotton fabric material)


African Fabric Ankara Bracelets. Unique handmade accessories that adorns your hand… 


Crossbody bags are not only easy to carry around, but also very chic and stylish!


African Fabric Ankara Folding Handmade Hand Fans. Comfy and perfect for any occasion.


Sleeping with our Authentic Ankara Fabric Satin Lined Sleep Caps means no more split ends.


Authentic African Fabric Male Short Sleeve Shirt. Can be worn casually or dressy. 


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